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One of WELLCOM’s guiding principles is to “connect” by bringing worksite wellness professionals and industry leaders together. WELLCOM partners with businesses to connect our members to resources, products, and services to enhance or advance workplace wellness initiatives. We are grateful to our partners who believe in a culture of wellness and deliver services, special discounts, and excellent customer service to our members.   

Check out the information below and connect with the WELLCOM team to learn more!!

  • American Institute for Preventive Medicine is an award winning, internationally recognized authority on the development and implementation of health promotion, wellness, medical self-care, and disease management programs and publications. SOON you'll be able to visit the Marketplace at where WELLCOM members also receive discounts on printed items to use in their wellness program!

  • WELLCOM is a collaborator for the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference, the signature event of the Art & Science Health Promotion Institute. The conference brings together professionals with a passion for health promotion — individuals who represent the most successful programs in workplace, clinical, educational, and community settings. The core conference will feature three inspiring and thought-provoking keynote addresses, concurrent sessions presented by the top scientists and practitioners in the field, plus many opportunities to collaborate through interactive discussions, networking sessions, fitness activities, and social events. Attendees will learn practical strategies and research backup to make their programs the most effective they can be. For more information, visit:

  • EdLogics' gamified platform offers employers, health plans, and other organizations the solution to improve health literacy and drive positive behaviors by educating people in fun and engaging ways. EdLogics' goal is to improve health literacy — and lower costs. Game-Based Learning. Rooted in learning theory and behavioral science, our interactive games make learning fun and engaging. Play. Learn. Win. Our educational games are developed by a team of behavioral science, health, and game design experts to deliver an engaging and incentivized learning experience. With EdLogics, everyone wins!

  • See how your provider stacks up against EdLogics!

  • Download available

  • WELLCOM is honored to be a part of the Global Certification Consortium, which promotes and is the United States platform to present the Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Certification Program. is designed for organizations implementing programs that excel in the creation of healthy workplaces. Both the award and certification allow employers to compare and benchmark their programs to the global standard and, if successful, to celebrate their achievement and to distinguish themselves as an employer-of-choice when seeking to attracting new talent or retain existing employees. The Awards demonstrate an employer's focus on promoting a safe and healthy work environment and the health of its employees while producing business essential outcomes.

  • Health Improvement Solutions (HIS) is a leading provider of health and wellness program planning, evaluation, and services. HIS offers a full range of products and solutions designed for enterprises and small businesses across a variety of industries to improve employee health and productivity. The organization has completed numerous community and industry-specific initiatives targeting various health issues. Health Improvement Solutions Products include: Assessments, Behavior Change and Analysis & Planning. Contact WELLCOM staff for more information.

  • Hip Pocket, a Nebraska-based company, can help your employees save more money without having to budget. With Hip Money, they’ve made it easy, fun, and intuitive to understand the future value of a dollar saved today toward eliminating debt or retirement/additional 401k contributions. And, they report back to your organization on the total amounts saved and future impact to provide a real return on your investment! You can also incentivize savings such as a monthly contest entry for each dollar saved.

  • Home Instead provides the “Help For Working Caregivers” website to employers for their employees who also have caregiving responsibilities for a senior loved one. This one-stop resource provides:
    • Tools to help assess caregiving situations
    • Resources and solutions to help address caregiving challenges
    • Access to support from live experts and a 24/7 resource line
    • Tips to help manage work and caregiving responsibilities
    Home Instead offers a discount to WELLCOM members.

  • Human Resources Association of the Midlands (HRAM) is the premier member organization for human resource professionals serving the Omaha/Council Bluffs metropolitan area and the local affiliate of the Society of Human Resource Management. WELLCOM and HRAM have partnered to provide business professionals an event series of trending topics on Compensation, Benefits and Wellness presented by experts in the field.

  • No matter where you are in the United States, Life Line Screening can work with you to bring state of the art health screening events right to your employees. Life Line Screening can help you design a specific screening program combining tests from our long lists of preventive health services. These affordable offerings support your corporate wellness events, boost employee morale and employee health and lead to a healthier bottom line with health care cost reduction.

  • Optisom's ProjectZ creates a simple, strong foundation to decrease a company’s medical costs while improving productivity and safety. Using clinically-validated techniques and treatments, ProjectZ helps to identify, educate, and manage employees’ sleep health. Some employees might sleep like champions,but could still benefit from pro tips on how to sleep even better. Some employees might be within days or weeks of a very dangerous and costly medical incident or workplace accident due to untreated sleep disorders. Many of your workers fall somewhere in between. ProjectZ is standing by, ready to help each and every employee at your company.

  • ORCAS is a health technology and innovation company that applies our extensive behavioral research to mobile self-management interventions that help people manage their health and change their behavior in meaningful ways. With the rise of mobile technology, ORCAS is now poised to provide engaging solutions that create lasting improvements in health and wellness while reducing costs to healthcare organizations, employers, and consumers. ORCAS has several products meeting a variety of your needs. Mention you are a WELLCOM member and receive a 10% discount. Visit for details & to order.

  • WELLCOM partners with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and Douglas County Health Department to manage grant funds, which provide WELLCOM members with valuable toolkits addressing walking, healthy vending, active commuting & more! For more information, please contact Justin Holes at

  • THE PACIFIC INSTITUTE® AND WELLCOM partner to provide powerful solutions that improve Organizational Performance. ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH = ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE. Organizational health is about an organization’s ability to perform strongly through establishing alignment to vision and goals, managing change effectively, increasing engagement, creativity and teaming to grow from within. Leadership, culture and personal wellness all play an integral role in achieving the ability to grow consistently in today’s fast paced world. Helping organizations effectively leverage these performance drivers in their organization is the inspiration behind the partnership between The Pacific Institute and WELLCOM.

  • UNICO Group offers UNICO HR Solutions to WELLCOM Members. When you need answers to tough HR questions, where can you go? Your lawyer? Friends? The web? These either cost too much or leave you with incomplete answers. With UNICO’s HR Solution, you have direct phone access to HR professionals to give you answers you can trust. The cloud-based HR platform integrated with live experts helps you to resolve urgent workforce issues and ensure HR compliance.
    HR Live
    • A team of HR experts standing by to answer your questions and provide advice
    • Get immediate guidance and best practice advice to handle the toughest HR issues swiftly, and get right back to business
    HR Learn
    • Unlimited access to self-paced training solutions that develop employees and ensure compliance
    • Receive certificates of completion
    • Access to more than 200 online training courses available on topics like Safety and Human Resources
    HR Comply
    • An award-winning resource center for all of your workforce issues
    • Online HR and compliance resource center has up-to-date content and interactive guided tools including the Employee Handbook Builder

  • Verdis Group - Let’s keep this simple; Verdis Group helps organizations make true green decisions. Sustainability is no longer a buzzword that will fade away in time. It’s now a powerful way to impact your triple bottom line. Verdis Group helps navigate those sometimes testy waters and ensure that organizations are taking advantage of the right opportunities.

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